Greg Watkins

Greg Watkins

Greg Watkins has over 30 years of invaluable asbestos, lead, hazardous materials remediation, demolition and management experience.

In the beginning of his career, Greg worked as a project superintendent for Epoxy Systems, Inc., located in Honolulu Hawaii. This was his introduction to the asbestos, lead, hazardous materials abatement and demolition industry. He accelerated his career in this field when, upon his return to his hometown of San Diego, he continued working in the industry while continuing his education in this field.

In 1990, Greg moved on to expand his entrepreneurial aspirations by becoming a co-founder of Watkins Contracting, Inc. As a principal, Greg brought his infinite amount of knowledge and experience to the company. Initially, Greg’s primary duties at Watkins Contracting included overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of the company, with an emphasis on production, cost control, and client satisfaction. When he and his partner sold the company in 2003, they had grown it to be one of the largest hazardous remediation and demolition companies in the Western United States.

Greg spent the next nine years in the industry, consulting with various environmental related organizations and working on numerous real estate and development projects.

Some of Greg’s credentials include: California State Contractor’s License Class A – General Engineering Contractor; Class B – General Building Contractor; Class C-21 – Building Moving & Demolition; Specialty Asbestos Certification; Specialty Hazardous Substances Removal and Remediation; UCSD trained in Lead Abatement for Supervisors and Contractors; and Contractor Supervisor Certification for Asbestos Removal from Georgia Tech.