If you’re a contractor, a business owner, or a homeowner, you may already be aware of the very detrimental problems asbestos can cause. These treacherous, naturally occurring fibrous minerals can come in many different forms and can create serious health problems.

For example, asbestos is officially classified as a human carcinogen, which is why it’s so dangerous to have in any building, especially if you are doing any tear down or remodeling. The best and most important time to remove asbestos is when changing the internal structure.

It takes a very special process to remove and dispose of asbestos in California; that’s where our team comes in. At Watkins Environmental, asbestos removal is our #1 requested service. We use our extensive industry knowledge and decades of experience to provide asbestos removal in San Diego and the western United States.

Where Asbestos is Found & Why Asbestos Removal is so Important

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