Reliable & Safe Residential Demolition Experts

Reliable & Safe Residential Demolition Experts

At Watkins Environmental, our experienced team has demolished residential structures throughout the Western United States for over two decades, including interior demolition and selective demolition of homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings.

We partner with general contractors to help families demo their homes and clear the way for a new rebuild.

Residential Demolition Services

At Watkins Environmental, our experienced team has demolished residential structures throughout the Western United States for over two decades, including interior demolition and selective demolition of homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings.

We partner with general contractors to help families demo their homes and clear the way for a new rebuild.

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Licensed & Experienced Residential Demolition Services in San Diego

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Licensed & Experienced Residential Demolition Services in San Diego

Residential demolition is a complicated process that requires a licensed, experienced professional, especially when it comes to whole-house interior demo. Wrecking a residential building can be dangerous if put in the hands of an inexperienced company.

All demolition contractors must follow OSHA standards for employee safety as well as EPA standards when it comes to deconstructing buildings in a way that is environmentally safe.

At Watkins Environmental, with our decades of on-site work experience behind us, we have what it takes to complete all of your Sam Diego residential demolition needs.

Get it Done right Why Hire a Professional for Residential Demolition

It’s important to hire a fully licensed and experienced residential demolition contractor, regardless of the scope or size of your project.

Residential demolition requires expert knowledge surrounding safe deconstruction practices (especially if the home or residence is next to another home or building) and the handling of hazardous materials.

There are often hazardous materials present in older homes, including asbestos, lead, and universal waste — all of which must be safely removed prior to any demolition work. But even more importantly, the contractor should be thoroughly experienced in residential demolition specifically.

That’s where we come in. Watkins Environmental has decades of experience performing complete and partial residential demolition.

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Learn More Residential Demolition FAQs

How much does residential demolition cost?

Typically, the price for demolishing a residential building varies widely depending on the condition and sizing of the building, as well as whether it’s a complete or partial demo. However, the accurate estimation of any residential demolition project depends on:

1. Square footage of the building

2. Whether or not hazardous materials are present

3. Landfill and hauling fees

4. Fees for permits, licenses, and other policies

How is residential demolition done?

The two most common ways to demolish a house are either traditional, mechanical demolition with the assistance of heavy equipment, or by tearing down the house by hand (also known as deconstruction).
Mechanical demolition is the most common form of demolition — the house is ripped down with the help of hydraulic excavators and other heavy machinery. The resulting debris is then hauled away via trailer or dumpster. The second method, also known as “green demolition” or “demolition by hand,” is deconstruction, which is the process of manually stripping and deconstructing the house piece by piece with the intent of salvaging as many of the materials inside the home as possible.

What happens to the debris and other materials?

Most of the building materials on a demolition project are reused, recycled, or salvaged. Common items that may be reused or recycled in some way include flooring, carpets, plasterboard, wood, roofing materials, ceiling tiles, and insulation material. It’s even possible to save or salvage materials like concrete, brick, and porcelain, and occasionally soil.

What’s the difference between demolition and deconstruction?

As the recycling rates from both conventional demolition and deconstruction are generally about the same (often close to 90% of the material on a project site), the main difference between the two processes tends to be that deconstruction is usually much more labor-intensive than conventional demolition, where a considerable amount equipment and technology is used.

Deconstruction involves the hand dismantlement of potential recyclables, and can be more time consuming than conventional structural demolition that utilizes heavy equipment and specialized attachments. The goal of both demolition and deconstruction, however, is the same: to maximize the amount of marketable recycled material generated on a project site.

Do I need to prepare my home for demolition?

There are a few things that need to be done before a demolition team can get started. The first priority is to disconnect all of the utilities: electrical lines (if above ground) are removed when the power is cut off and the meter is removed by SDG&E, water is shut off, and gas service should be stopped.
Keep in mind gas service can take up to 45 days for full disconnection. The owner will also be required to sign and notarize their permission to demolish the structure on the permit application.

Are there permit requirements for residential demolition?

A contractor must have the proper local and state licensing in order to perform any type of demolition work. These contractor licensing requirements vary from state-to-state. Watkins Environmental is fully licensed and permitted for demolition work in the State of California. Ready to get started on your residential demolition project? Contact Watkins Environmental for a free estimate today!

The Associated General Contractors of America
Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
B.O.M.A. San Diego
EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm
I.F.M.A. San Diego Chapter
N.A.I.O.P. Commercial Real Estate Development Association

Client Testimonials

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Did an outstanding job

"I would like to commend you and your team on your professional performance during our recent asbestos abatment situation in our archaeological dig area. The asbestos crew was punctual, courteous and professional throughout the job, and did an outstanding job working around the sensitive areas."

Andy Bashore

Park Maintenance Supervisor, San Diego Old Town State Historic Park

City of La Mesa

Large number of satisfied repeat customers

"You are consummate professionals and your entire organization is administered in the same fashion, as reflected by the large number of satisfied repeat customers, including the City of La Mesa."

Art Madrid

Mayor of the City of La Mesa

Navy Region Southwest

Executed the project with a high degree of expertise, ingenuity and professionalism

"Your management team executed the project with a high degree of expertise, ingenuity and professionalism in the remediation and deconstruction of buildings at the former Naval Training Center in San Diego. Through your own initiatives, you maintained a clean work-site; minimized traffic, noise, and dust; and kept the community well informed of the progress of the contract."

G.A. Engle

Captain, CEC, Department of the Navy, Southwest Division

Barnhart-Reece Construction Inc.

I want to extend my personal gratitude...

"I want to extend my personal gratitude to you for the efforts extended by your company and field crews in completing the Adams Elementary School Annex on schedule."

Douglas Barnhart

CEO of Douglas E Barnhart, Inc.

Santa Sophia Church

Professional conduct and extreme honesty

"I wanted to take time out of my day to write to you regarding the professional conduct and extreme honesty of your crew headed by Josh that did the asbestos remediation on our property.

In addition to doing a good job, your crew found and returned over $4,000 in cash found in the offices that were being remediated. We are grateful for their honesty and commend you for the caliber of your employees."

Father Devdas Masillamony

Santa Sophia Church

RQ Construction

Watkins is a strong organization

"Watkins is a strong organization from high-level management to administration to field personnel/supervision."

RQ Construction

Casey Brown Company

Demonstrated an excellent "Team Work" attitude.

"The repurposing of this iconic property was significant, requiring multiple trades on site at any given time. The Watkins Team was cooperative and demonstrated an excellent ‘Team Work’ attitude."

Casey Brown Company

Turner Construction Company

Proven experience and high level of caring employees

"Watkins is a strong trade partner with proven experience and high level of caring employees that help maintain a standard of excellence we expect for all our projects."

Turner Construction Company

Lakewood Builders

Successful and safe completion of the scope of work

"Thank you guys very much for your successful and safe completion of the scope of work here at the school. I know the school is very appreciative of the work you did and your foreman Jaime was very easy to work with and he communicated well with me. I will definitely reach out to you guys in the future with more work to bid on some future projects that come our way."

Darrick D. Ofenloch

Founder & Operations Manager, Lakewood Builders